Work at it, for it, through it, to succeed!

Philippians 4:13


Hello and welcome to G1 Fitness Ladies Gym website.

To start I will give you a little information about me and the G1 Fitness Ladies Gym itself.

I am a Level 3 instructor for; GP Exercise Referral, Personal Training, and Pilates. In addition, teach Spin, RT24, Boxercise, Exercise to music and I’m also qualified for working with pregnant women for Pre & Post Natal Exercising.

G1 Fitness Gym is a new build 100ft x 35ft, an area of 3500 sq ft.

As a Christian, with a lifetime experience and success in the fitness industry, I have come to realise there is a demand for a ladies gym in the Newry & Mourne area.

Membership packages available from £15 per month.

This unique business is open 24 hours a day Mon-Sat and strictly CLOSED on Sundays!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4.13)

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8th April 2023

-> “No feeling of dread coming here like I used to get at mixed gyms – could NEVER get near the weights before now!! Love it x”

Delighted for you! Keep up the good work!!

17th May 2023

-> “I’m into my 4th month here, I’m 10 months post partum – had piled on weight and started feeling joint pain. Today, I weighed in – I’ve lost 1 full stone of weight, can run up and down the stairs, carry baby around without issue. I’m back to work a few days now and have had loads of compliments, plus able to lift boxes! So proud of myself, never thought I’d have so much motivation – and energy! Love my gym time” * Roisin

I’m so happy for you Roisin Xx God is good!!

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve recently become a new member of this gym. Before I wouldn’t of had the confidence to walk into a gym never mind become a member. The fact that it’s opened 24hrs Mon-Sat I can go in at anytime with my key. I now look forward to going to the gym and it has given me my confidence back by getting into shape again! I love the fact that it’s just for ladies and it’s out in the country. The gym has got top of the range equipment/machines, tv screens, WiFi, lockers, a toilet and the walls are colourfully decorated which I think adds a nice touch and the owners are very friendly too.
    With Covid19 their is hand sanitiser at the door, wipes at each machine and screens up at each machine too which makes me feel very safe. I wish the gym every success in the future!

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  2. I am loving this new gym. I have always felt uncomfortable in normal gyms in the weights area with all the men around but here that’s not an issue.

    The gym has everything you could ever need as a cardio or weights fan. You can pick your own music and work away in peace. Posters are all around the gym to give you tips and inspiration throughout your workout.

    The location is quiet and handy for parking. You have your own key to come and go as much as you wish.

    I feel very safe at the minute with the Covid situation in this gym,

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